Friday, February 24, 2012

Walk in the woods

Today, I woke up with one goal: get out into the woods.

While I take a walk every day, I haven't hiked in the woods for a while. And this was the perfect day to do so: cool and cloudy gray. My husband and I met only a couple of other people on the trail.

I had no writing epiphanies. I wasn't mulling over a plotline or how to further develop a character. Often, I do those things while I walk, but today was more about refilling the well. Exercising the body and resting the mind.

Hope your weekend is beginning well also!


  1. Getting out into the woods has to be one of the best ways I know to clear the mind and replenish the spirit! For me it's second only to a walk along the ocean's shoreline. I'm not going to manage either this weekend, but it's off to a good start nonetheless. I hope yours will continue to be a great one. :)


    1. Thanks, Carol! We had a very different walk today, sunny and flower-filled. Hope your weekend lived up to its promise!