Friday, February 17, 2012

Quality, not quantity

Today's recommended reading is at the blog of Megan Crewe. As part of Megan's series on "The Ways We Struggle," Deva Fagan guest posted about letting numbers define us. There are many numbers writers can use as surrogates for our worth as human beings: Advance money. Sales figures. Book ratings. We can't help but focus on these numbers even when we know they are not really the ratings of our very souls. Hop on over to Megan's site to see how Mikhail Baryshnikov helped Deva with her struggle!

One reason I'm glad I didn't publish a book when I was a little younger is that I used to get much more caught up in the anxiety around such external measures. Which isn't to say that other people can't handle success at a younger age; I know of several young novelists who are handling publication with great poise. And which isn't to say that I am serenely sitting under the Bodhi tree just oozing enlightenment and the joys of detachment. I only mean that even though I check my Bookscan numbers, I don't live or die by them, and I'm generally happier when focusing on the quality of my writing.

As long as I'm including links, I'll also mention two of my interviews that posted this week: an interview at iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books in which I divulge backstage secrets on how Colt in The Secret Year got his name; and an interview at I Am a Reader, Not a Writer (including a giveaway of Try Not to Breathe) that discusses, among other things, how the REM song "Try Not to Breathe" does (and doesn't) relate to my book.


  1. I'm young still, but I'm glad I didn't publish in my 20's. That would have been a small disaster, hah. But I knew, then, that I wasn't ready. Sometimes I wonder if I am even read now, but I feel good about everything so far. :)

    You handle everything with poise, and I admire you greatly for it!