Saturday, February 11, 2012

Authors on the town

The other night I got to be on a panel with the authors of these books:


I thoroughly enjoyed the readings: mystery from Kate Ellison (The Butterfly Clues), dramatic humor (with an ostrich) from Maryrose Wood (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Unseen Guest), humor and romance from Madeleine George (The Difference Between You and Me), a soldier's struggle from Peter Lerangis (Somebody Please Tell Me Who I Am, written with Harry Mazer), humor and delusions of grandeur from Barnabas Miller (Rock God: The Legend of BJ Levine), and a peek inside an obsessive character from Carley Moore (The Stalker Chronicles).

During the Q&A session, a couple of questions came up, to which I've since thought up flippant answers:

Q (from a soon-to-be-published author): What can an author do to promote her book?

Actual, thoughtful answer given by panel: Do everything you can to get your name out there (signings, social networking, etc.), but accept that results are not guaranteed.

Flip, unhelpful answer I've thought up since: Be a celebrity to begin with. Like, if your name is Oprah Winfrey or Brad Pitt? That would be a very good start.

Q: So many of you on tonight's panel have contemporary realistic books. Does this signal a resurgence in contemporary YA lit?

Answer I wish I had given: YES! This is the hot new trend. Tell all your friends.

But in all seriousness, the evening reminded me what fun it is just to hang out in a room of readers and writers who share a common taste in books. So I encourage you to go to author and book events--not even necessarily my events, though I'd certainly be glad to see you! The other night, I got to see Kate Ellison's amazing hand-made earrings and hear some great new writing and share some laughs with other readers and writers. And we all enjoyed the able emceeing of Barry Lyga, who will be reading from his own work in an upcoming session at the NY Public Library this spring (Jefferson Market branch).

Hope to see you ... somewhere.


  1. I would LOVE to go to one of your events! Hopefully, one day, I can. Great answers. They made me smile. :) Thos books look great!

    1. Thanks!

      I'm not doing as many public events this year, but I have some in the spring.
      I love doing events with other authors--I get to be in the reader role as well, and it's more fun than doing events alone. I think the trend lately is for local authors to work together.