Friday, January 20, 2012

Readers and writers

When I came across this post at Three Guys One Book, the other day, these things especially struck me:

Wow, The Lights in the Tunnel has one freaky mesmerizing cover.

Interesting thesis about technology and employment. Does technology just change work, or does it actually reduce the amount of available work?

But my favorite part of the blog post is the third section, where Dennis Haritou gets into the concept of the intimate connection that happens between writer and reader. And these quotations ring especially true to me:

"I think that every writer is two persons. The writer creates a second identity for themselves when they create novels."
"Readers and writers need each other. They need to share the creative force that is the act of writing."

It's what I love about being a writer, and being a reader.


  1. The sharing of that force or spark or whatever you want to call it is an exciting prospect. And a weighty responsibility, too. Are we willing to really show up in our work in a deep way?

  2. Excellent quote!

    And that is an interesting cover . . .

  3. Ooo, I love that last stuff there about readers and writers. So true! And I do like that cover. I kept staring at it, lol.

    1. Thanks! And that reader-writer connection is the main reason I keep reading books, and writing them.