Monday, December 26, 2011

A writer's path

One of my former poetry teachers, Deborah Fries, was interviewed at Kelcey Parker's blog, "PhD in Creative Writing & Other Stories," as part of a "How to become a writer" series. It's worth reading if you, like me, enjoy reading about the different paths writers take, or if you're looking for writerly advice.

A sampling:

On finding the right mentor at the right time: " ... if it had not been for Dave [Smith]’s sincere interest in my manuscript at that moment in my life, I might have given up."

On the unflappability of Grace Paley: " ... in the middle of her reading, a tooth – a removable one – came out, and she looked at it, put it aside on the podium and continued reading."

On becoming a writer: "I’d tell [an aspiring writer] rejection is meaningless, and that if you write something you wouldn’t want your mother to read, it will probably get published."


  1. Love these sorts of things. Thanks for the link, Jenn. Now about that book I don't want my mother to read. . .

  2. "If you write something you wouldn't want your mother to read, it will probably get published."
    Good one. And encouraging. I'd hate for my parents to read anything I've written...

  3. Angelina and Laura: That "mother rule" certainly seems to be resonating with people! I think it has to do with letting go of self-consciousness.

  4. Great quotes. Very inspiring. I'll have to check out that interview. Thanks!

  5. I knew it, all those secrets I kept from my parents will have to come out! Sorry Mom. I tried to be good, I promise.

    Thanks for the link, Jenn. Looking forward to learning more.

  6. Thanks, Cynthia!

    Mieke: The beauty of writing fiction is that nobody can ever be sure which parts are based on real life. ;-)