Sunday, November 27, 2011

Local library use

My local library recently released some interesting statistics for our area:

Our library receives more than 100,000 visits per year.
Our highest population group is school-aged children.
For most of 2011, circulation was 50% higher than in 2010, even though the population was unchanged.
Movie nights and children's activities are the most popular library programs.

Town libraries are still a vital part of our communities. I keep hearing, anecdotally, from librarians around the country, that library use has increased in recent years. Teleworkers, job seekers, and researchers visit regularly to use the resources, in addition to the readers, audiophiles, and movie buffs who take advantage of the lending library's holdings of books, magazines, audiobooks, music, and movies.

Happy reading (or listening, or watching)!


  1. I LOVE my local library. In addition to taking advantage of all the books, magazines, movies, etc., it's a place where I enjoy working. They even let me bring in my Starbuck's coffees. ; )

  2. Cynthia: They know books and coffee/tea go together!