Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My favorite costume

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Halloween is approaching. It's a holiday that always makes me feel like a bit of an outsider. My parents didn't let me trick-or-treat when I was growing up; the idea of collecting candy from strangers didn't sit well with them. (I certainly helped myself to the bowl we kept for those who visited our house, though!) As for costumes--I never could stand to wear a mask over my face, due to mild claustrophobia. Also, I never seemed to have anything around the house that would make a good costume.

I know what you're thinking. "Come on over to my Halloween fiesta, girl! You sound like the life of the party!" ;-)

But this gets me thinking about my favorite costume-party story ever, which comes from the old Bob Newhart show. There was some kind of costume party on the show--I think it was for the Fourth of July, not Halloween, since everyone came dressed as Uncle Sam. All except for Mr. Carlin, who wore, as I recall, a basic trench coat. After getting over their disappointment that they were not the only ones to think of the Uncle Sam idea, everyone asked Mr. Carlin why he didn't dress up. "I am dressed up. I'm a Revolutionary spy," he said.

So that's always been my "costume:" I'm dressed in everyday clothes because I'm a spy. Yes, I totally stole that from Mr. Carlin.

Is it any wonder I'm a writer--where I can produce any costume, no matter how elaborate, merely with some creative typing--rather than an actress, where the costumes and makeup exist in three dimensions?

Do you like costumes--if so, what's your favorite? Or do you, like Mr. Carlin and me, dress "like a spy?"


  1. I've never been big on the costume aspect of Halloween, although our children had a series of choices that challenged my sewing abilities. I once went to a church costume 'Do' in a clown suit, complete with frizzled multi-hued hair. A few years ago at the Surrey Writers' Conference's Saturday evening masquerade I found a floppy purple velour hat, a black boa, and big $$-sign sunglasses to wear with black slacks and a top. The media-style sign in my hat band said, "Writer Seeking Lucrative Contract" (http://wp.me/phaYw-3c). That was probably my best effort. Beyond that, I'm not very inventive.


  2. The costume aspect of Halloween was always my favorite (at least the commercial version of Halloween, later on, the spiritual parts of the holiday are my favorites.) I would always do it up with my costumes. Being in theater for my whole life, costume materials and stage makeup have always been at my disposal. I was once the Queen of Hearts, complete with a lawn flamingo. I have been Marie Antoinette, with the beehive hair and everything.
    This year is my favorite: my fiance and I are matching. I'm dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, but with a black eye, head wound, and claw marks. He is dressed as a wolf, with blood all over himself and tears in his clothes. We really do look frightening; we scared the Wawa clerk on our way to a party, she thought he had attacked me!

  3. I've always dressed up for Halloween. I'm very lucky that my husband likes to do the same. Thus, my kids are the same too.

    I always find myself dressing up in something dark, like a witch, a goth chic, a snake queen. This year, I'm going as a spider queen.

    My love for that creepy-crawly feeling going up your back sort of translates into my writing as well.

  4. I loved the Bob Newhart show! Dressing up can be fun, but I usually struggle with finding the right costume. I may have to try the trench coat idea.

  5. Don't really have a favorite costume, but sounds like a fun question.

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  6. Carol: The aspiring writer is a great one! And probably a good ice-breaker, too.

    Bekka: You had me at the flamingo. Now THAT is costume thoroughness!

    Mieke: "Spider Queen" also sounds like an interesting book. I bet it will be fun!

    Cynthia: It's amazing how people with so much imagination can get stumped by costume ideas, isn't it?
    Also, reminiscing about Newhart has made me want to see some of those old episodes again.

    Elizabeth: Thanks and welcome!

  7. my dog was cow boy and i was gypsy for the contest here at the apt

  8. Wow, Desi, even your dog dresses up? I think my cat would refuse--melodramatically. ;-)