Friday, October 14, 2011

Appearances this weekend, plus a great question

I'm appearing live on two writers' panels with members of the New Jersey Authors Network this weekend, and would love to see those of you who are local:

Saturday, October 15:
11 AM: Panel/Q&A, "GETTING PUBLISHED." Moorestown Library (111 W. 2nd St # 1, NJ 08057-2471 ). Appearing with Jon Gibbs, Kristin Battestella, JB DiNizo, and Keith Smith.
2 PM: Panel/Q&A, "THE NUTS & BOLTS OF WRITING A BOOK." Vogelson branch of Camden Library (203 Laurel Road, Voorhees, NJ08043). Appearing with Jon Gibbs and Kristin Battestella.

I'm also appearing in virtual form at the Printsasia blog, where I discuss whether or not The Secret Year is a love story.

But enough about me. In the writerly food-for-thought department, Amy Butler Greenfield asks a great question: "If you were only allowed [to write] one more book, what would it be?"


  1. Have a great weekend, Jenn. Wish I lived closer. As regards that question, I got horrible chest pains thinking about it. I'll have to get back to you on that one. . .

  2. I, too, wish I lived closer. Both sound like great presentations. But I'll head over to Printsasia instead.

    Amy's question is enough to start a panic attack. That's the urgency behind every one I write... that I must get it finished in case my time runs out. If it were my last, I'd want it to be something with the potential to change a life. But there's *always* one more book, isn't there? :)

  3. Gosh darned it! I checked NJAN and see you'll be in the area again on November 1st. I'll try to make that one.

    If I could only write one more book, I'd write the one my kids will see in their school library.

  4. Angelina, Careann, Mieke: I would've loved to see you all there!

    I think the "only one book" question can be inspirational and help us focus on what we really want to do. Or it can be a source of pressure. So I say: Use it if it helps, forget it if it doesn't! :-)