Saturday, September 17, 2011

A scene from the glamorous life of a writer

Writer: Will you please leave the bubble wrap alone? I want it to sit on top of that box of books, out of the way.

Cat: You do not understand how delicious this bubble wrap is! How much fun! I must rub my face against it repeatedly, mouth the edges, and then drag it artistically onto the floor. See how beautiful it looks, blocking your way to the door.

Writer: Yes, blocking my way. I would like to leave the room without having to pick up the bubble wrap every time.

Cat: The aesthetic balance of the room requires a chunk of bubble wrap lying there, just so.

Writer: I could put the wrap on a high shelf, out of your way.

Cat: You wouldn't dare!

Writer: I might.

Cat: You're just jealous. You are not the only artist in the family, you know. Between my graceful poses and my skill with bubble-wrap-dragging, I am surpassing you! You are Salieri to my Mozart!

Writer: Don't be such a diva.

Cat: It comes with the territory of genius, my friend.

Writer: Oh, go chase down a rubber band, like you did this morning.

Cat: That rubber band was totally going to attack us if I had not leaped upon it and given it a sound thrashing. You're welcome!


  1. Writer: Stop chewing on the power cord.

    Cat: Put the laptop away so I can have my lap back.

    Thanks for amusing me, Cat & Writer >¨<

  2. Angelina: The cat insists that he did most of the amusing. (He's probably right about that.)

    Also, he wouldn't care if I had a laptop on my lap. He would sit right on top of it.

  3. HAHAH! I have had many similar such conversations!