Monday, September 5, 2011

Marching boldly and erratically into the future

From an actual mailer sent to me this week:

"Beginning in July, we will be activating a new computer system in our physician offices ... During this implementation period, it is possible that you may receive more than one billing statement for physician services ... We are very excited about the new possibilities our integrated system will offer and expect that these changes will enhance your ... experience."

Yeah, I'd be excited too, if I had the chance of getting paid twice for the same service. And I can't wait for the "enhancement" of calling their automated phone system to unravel any double-billing errors!

Today's writing lesson: think about the effect of placing one idea near another idea, and whether that will produce any unintended laughs or groans from your reader ...


  1. If there's one service I can do without, it's the automated phone service. Please spare me!

    Good luck and thanks for the writing lesson.

  2. Lee--Thanks, though I suppose credit really goes to [name redacted] medical system!