Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's okay to slow down

I've just been on the road for the second time in less than a month, and so once again I am out of touch with the online world. There are hurricane-relief efforts going on, and Book Blogger Appreciation Week, and an effort to support the presence of GLBT characters and story lines in YA, and I don't even have it in me to code a link to any of it, even though I'm in favor of all of these causes.

I've just come through a period of time where I have done a lot. Some days, it feels as if I'm busy every single second. And lately, I've been giving myself permission to do less, and to do more of what I enjoy and less of what just feels like a chore. And to acknowledge that I can't do every single thing that I would like to do. And to accept that when I've been away, catching up is not an instant process.

Writers are famous for having this kind of lifestyle, the juggling-a-hundred-things, busy-all-the-time lifestyle. I believe that is because 1) writing generally pays poorly, and most writers have to have another job to pay the bills; and 2) writers are often interested in many, many things, and we're always trying to experience this and learn more about that and try this and do that.

It's an incredibly rich life. Just one that requires a day off now and then.


  1. Well put, Jenn. I'm guilty of being interested in too many things. But thankfully I'm able to unplug for several hours every day. In fact, it's time to do that right now! My internal batteries are running low. . .