Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inspiring posts

I've been saving up all this linky goodness for you. All week people have been saying brilliant things online, and I've been making these notes: "Oooh, I should link to that!"

I love these posts so much that I hope you'll read them in full. But here are a few tastes:

In the motivation department, find your focus with Becky Levine who asks, "What brings you back to your WIP, even when you are tired or doubtful or drifting? What is it about this story that makes you need to write it? What is the call you can’t ignore?"

Tabitha Olson says of soliciting critique: "if you don’t know the heart of your story, you are not ready for feedback." And she explains why.

Susan Taylor Brown gets to the heart of the matter: "I've spent many years measuring my writing worth against too many of the wrong things --- Whether I write like someone else or as often as someone else. Whether I sell to a certain publisher or make a certain amount of money. Whether I get mentioned some place or not. Whether my reviews are good or bad or whether my books are even reviewed. Like I said, all the wrong measurements. ... my writing worth can't be measured by what someone else does or doesn't do ..."
This is one of those posts that's great for printing out and sticking up on the wall of one's writing office.

Victoria Patterson over at ThreeGuysOneBook delves into the line between fact and fiction: "Writers often use real life narratives and personages to build fiction. ... How can we best tell our stories while valuing integrity? What would a writer be without his or her borrowings?" With some fascinating real-life examples of "borrowing," as befits this topic!

Megan Frazer interviews me as part of her "bloggers on blogging" series, and I discuss blog-preparation questions such as, "What has the breadth and depth necessary to sustain a blog?" But the truly great thing about this series is that it includes blogging thoughts and advice from Melissa Walker and Cynthia Leitich Smith!

And in the news department, Bethany Hegedus announces the opening of a "writing barn" for rental as a writing retreat, and issues a call for Hunger Mountain submissions.