Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog salad

Today, a random mix. Kind of a "blog salad."

***One of the joys of reading is coming across striking quotable quotes, like these:

           "My point here is that even under ideal circumstances, public-school teaching is one of the hardest jobs a person can do. Most sensible people know that. Anyone who claims not to know that is either a scoundrel or a nincompoop ... "--Garret Keizer, "Getting Schooled," Harper's, September 2011, page 34.

           "Will there never be an end to the cynical misuse of language by those who rule us?"--Aidan Chambers, Postcards from No Man's Land

           "I marvel at how unexciting it is to be famous, how mundane famous people are. They're confused, uncertain, insecure, and often hate what they do. It's something we always hear--like that old adage that money can't buy happiness--but we never believe it until we see it for ourselves."--Andre Agassi, Open: An Authobiography

***I'm currently the guest on Kitty Keswick's blog. What's special about her blog, "Discover Something Wonderful," is that she is working to open a NEW BOOKSTORE (are there more thrilling words than those?), and the blog is a mix of author features and her adventures in getting the store ready.

***My first book, The Secret Year, is up for grabs at Free Book Friday Teens, while an advance copy of my upcoming novel, Try Not to Breathe, is up for grabs at Goodreads

***If you're anywhere near Doylestown, PA, and you like YA, join Ellen Jensen Abbott, Cyn Balog, Alissa Grosso, Amy Holder and me for Teen Night at the Doylestown Bookshop, Friday September 23, 7 to 9 PM. Or if you can't make it but want a signed book by one of us, call the store (215.230.7610) and order one over the phone to be signed that night.

***I read this book last week and quite enjoyed it. It's a boy-meets-girl story that tackles a couple of issues I haven't seen discussed much in YA, and as a verse novel, it reads very quickly (perfect for reluctant readers). I don't want to get spoilery, so I'll just state the starting premise: a girl has set aside a day to herself right before she is expected to undergo a life-changing event. She meets a boy who is facing his own life-changing event. Together they seize this day, but they can't stave off "tomorrow" forever ...

The Day Before, by Lisa Schroeder.

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  1. Loved THE DAY BEFORE. Reminded me of a cross between Caroline Cooney's FACE ON THE MILK CARTON and Jodi Piccoult's MY SISTER'S KEEPER.

    Sorry to hear about the allergies, I'm sneezing with you.