Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tips for drafting

Stare at the wall as often as necessary.
Listen to the character, not all the critical voices in your head.
Try something new.
Let yourself feel.
Be patient.
Have fun with it.

YMMV. Feel free to disregard any or all tips at any time.


  1. I could never disregard any of your tips.

    I've been having particular difficulty lately with listening to my character. The critical voices right now seem too loud.

  2. Mieke, every time I've gotten really stuck about what needs to happen in my books, I've asked the main character. The conflicts and themes arise from that character's desires and fears, so I figure that is the natural place to go. Critics need to go sit in the corner for now. :-)

  3. Staring I can do. I've had so much practice while trying to think of what to write next!

  4. Lee: Most writers are excellent wall-starers, I think!