Saturday, June 18, 2011

Writing lessons from the cat

My cat likes to stretch himself out on the living-room floor in poses that suggest he's been flung there, perhaps from a great height. Other poses suggest that he's studying to be a contortionist. He has no self-consciousness about stretching himself into any position whatever.

If I could learn any lessons from him, they would be:

Be flexible.
Don't be afraid of looking silly.
Get comfortable.
If your antics entertain others, so much the better.


  1. These are great lessons from a cat.
    My cat is happy when I write because it means I'm at home hanging out with him. He's kinda needy.

  2. I would rename your post "Life Lessons From The Cat."

    Maybe I should get a cat. Am I the only writer around without one?

  3. Carrie: Our cat is like that, too! Cats are supposed to be so unsociable and solitary, but ours likes much more human attention than our previous cat did.

    Mieke: Well, some writers swear by dogs instead, but I think the whole cat-vs.-dogs argument is silly, having had and enjoyed both. But probably the ideal pet for a writer is a sock monkey with a sign that says, "Keep writing!"

  4. Hehe what a cute post. Love your sock monkey comment. :)