Thursday, June 2, 2011

Telling secrets

I guest blogged for the marvelous Eve's Fan Garden about secrets. In this case, it's about the "secret" relationship between reader and writer. The post is paired with a giveaway. I've been sponsoring regular giveaways since The Secret Year's paperback launch, but this is the last one I've scheduled, so it rates a mention here.

An excerpt from the post:

"... And often, what a book says to a reader is: Come closer; I wish to tell you a secret. From a young age, when we first learn to read silently, we experience reading as an incredibly intimate experience, one mind connecting with another."

For me, that was a big source of reading's power. I don't get quite that same level of intimacy from any other art form, maybe because I'm a word person myself. How about you?

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