Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hubbard Power (or, "It Ain't Me, Babe")

My name is Jennifer Hubbard.

It never struck me as being all that common a name. I didn't hear of another person with the same name until I was in college, and then it  just seemed like a quirky coincidence. When I started publishing short stories, I used the name "Jennifer Hubbard" (except the first time I published a story in male first-person POV, when I used "J. R. Hubbard"). Then one day, my husband brought home this book:

That's from the Amazon page for The New Parrot Training Handbook, by Jennifer Hubbard, if you can't quite make out the author's name. No, it isn't me. I know nothing about parrots. (If you've been reading my blog all these years in the hopes that I will drop some crucial parrot-care secret: Sorry!) But from the time I saw that book, I made sure to publish under the name "Jennifer R. Hubbard."

(The Secret Year, by Jennifer R. Hubbard, is the ONLY book listed in this post which I have written!)

I was glad I'd used my middle initial when I discovered A Science on the Scales: The Rise of Canadian Atlantic Fisheries Biology, 1898-1939, by Jennifer M. Hubbard. And Through Silver Eyes, by Jennifer Leigh Hubbard. And this book: Sleep, Little Child, which lists a Jennifer Hubbard as the editor. I have no idea which Jennifer Hubbard she is--Parrot Jennifer? Fisheries Jennifer? Silver-eyes Jennifer? Or maybe--dare I say it--another Jennifer Hubbard altogether?

By this time, I was asking myself just how many Jennifer Hubbards were out there writing books, anyway? And should we have a convention? But at least, I told myself, I was the only one writing YA books, so we weren't likely to get confused. So imagine my surprise when I saw the pre-publication announcement for this book:

Paper Covers Rock, a contemporary realistic YA novel by Jenny Hubbard. She went with "Jenny," because obviously this "Jennifer" thing was getting out of hand.

Anyhoo, I have not yet read Paper Covers Rock, which debuts this week. But I plan to, because it sounds like it's right up my alley: a drowning, a web of lies, a critical choice. Contemporary realistic YA with male main characters. It already has starred reviews from PW, SLJ, and the Horn Book. And if you read it and like it, your fan mail for Paper Covers Rock should go to Jenny Hubbard.

But if you find all this confusing: to be on the safe side, just assume that anything written by a Jennifer Hubbard is a good read. ;-)

And that goes for Mandy Hubbard and Kirsten Hubbard, too.

Hubbards. Writing is obviously our DESTINY!


  1. This was funny. Not to mention, very gracious of you.

  2. Jennifer Hubbards have to stick together. I'm just happy none of us are serial killers! (As far as I know.)