Monday, May 2, 2011

Booklovers unite

I can't imagine my life without books, and that was even truer when I was a child. I was lucky to be able to get a hold of almost any book I wanted. Maybe not immediately, not as soon as I wanted it--my parents believed in gift-giving only on special occasions, and they thought otherwise I should save up for what I wanted. But eventually, through libraries and bookstores and careful management of my allowance, I would find a way to get the books I wanted.

I hate to think of what I would have missed, growing up, if that were not true.

So when Colleen Mondor talks about why she organizes the Guys Lit Wire book fairs and why those of us who participate do so ... my answer is: That's why. The thought of any kid who wants books not having access to them makes me crazy, especially when some of the books on this year's list cost less than five dollars.

This time, the recipient of the book fair is the Ballou Senior High School in Washington, DC. Their library currently has less than one book per student; the ALA standard is eleven books per student. This school that serves about 1200 students has only twice as many books as I have in my house. If that makes you as crazy as it makes me, then hop on over to the book fair to see how you can contribute. Basically, you just click on the school's wishlist, select the book(s) you'd like to donate, and arrange to have them sent to the school--full instructions are at Guys Lit Wire.

And as long as I'm including helpful links, I'll also mention this:
Help Write Now: A writing community auction to benefit Southern storm relief

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