Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Being reread

There are books I read once, just to see how they turn out. But I reread most of my books. This was even truer when I was growing up: I would usually reread a book instantly if I liked it, and then I would reread it regularly, whenever the mood struck. Even though I am one of those careful readers who never cracks a book's spine or dog-ears pages, some of my books are falling apart.  (They're mostly paperbacks, since that's what I could afford growing up. The hardbacks I have are almost exclusively purchases I've made as an adult.)

I would like to write the kind of stories that people read over and over. I don't know if any other writers care about that at all. After all, to be read even once is an honor.

And yet, I wouldn't mind writing a book that turned out to be someone's favorite, that could stand up to multiple readings. Do you want your work to be reread?


  1. Definitely! I wonder if there's a certain quality to a book that makes it rereadable... it would be interesting to write a whole post on that.

  2. I'm totally one of those people who love rereading favorite books, too! I know some people rarely reread, but when I find an amazing book I want to revisit it again and again. It would be awesome if I could write a book that people loved enough to reread. But at this point, I'd be pretty impressed with myself if I just finish a novel, haha.

  3. Becca: A couple of people at LJ where this blog is mirrored suggested that layers help keep a book rereadable. I also find that likable, memorable characters are those I want to revisit.

    Linda: One of my favorite parts of rereading is seeing things I missed the first time around. Sometimes my whole view of the book changes, goes way beyond what I thought of it after a single read.