Sunday, April 3, 2011

Library challenge update

At my original deadline, 3 PM EDT on April 2, this was the status:

I pledged $1.00 per comment on my LiveJournal and Blogspot blogs, and 50 cents per new Twitter follower, to be divided equally between the Cheltenham and Philadelphia libraries.

LiveJournal: 52 comments = $52.00
Blogspot: 23 comments (25 - 1 comment by me - 1 duplicate) = $23.00
Twitter: 2299 followers - 2270 original followers = 29 new followers = $14.50

I also applied the $1.00 per comment pledge to my participation in the Fool for Books giveaway hop, which continued through midnight on Saturday.  That post had 135 giveaway-eligible entries, plus another comment that came in after midnight but which I'm still counting toward the libraries. That gives us another $136.

That's $225.50. I capped my original donation at $100, but I'm inclined to make every comment count, so I'm rounding up to $250, thus giving $125 to Cheltenham and $125 to Philadelphia. I will report out on my co-challengers' results when their challenges have closed.

Meanwhile, many of the other challenges continue, so if you love libraries, please click through to these blogs and comment there!

Sarah Mullen Gilbert (The Writing Cave)
Janet Fox (Through the Wardrobe) (doubling her donation; runs through April 4!)
Margo Rowder (Margoblog)  (runs through April 5!)
Angela De Groot
Amy Brecount White
Kimberly Sabatini (Jess Free Falcon)
Jessica Leader
Colleen Rowan Kosinski (runs through April 14!)
Jessica Shea Spotswood
Marine Corps Nomad
Kimberlee Conway Ireton  (runs through April 7!)
C. Lee McKenzie (The Write Game)

And THANK YOU!!--especially to those of you who tweeted or blogged about this challenge, who clicked around commenting on all the blogs, and who donated to your own libraries. For the sake of my own sanity and time-management, during these blog challenges I suspend my usual practice of responding to every comment. But I still read every comment, and I appreciate every one. (And so will the libraries!)

I hope to be back later today with our regularly-scheduled programming: a writing- or book-related post.

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