Monday, April 18, 2011

Confessions and Chocolate Brains

For those who've been asking when my next book comes out: Not until early 2012. But to tide you over,  I have a short story in this anthology, Truth & Dare:

This collection of contemporary YA was supposed to come out in May, but it's available now! It's subtitled, "20 Tales of Heartbreak and Happiness," and the stories range from the tragic to the comic.

I wanted to try a lighter and more humorous tone with my contribution, "Confessions and Chocolate Brains," so you'll notice that it's not quite as dark as The Secret Year or my upcoming novel, Try Not to Breathe. But since a story is not a story without conflict, there's trouble, too. Mostly, this story is about what happens when the "perfect couple" starts facing their flaws.

"Confessions" is written from a female point of view (unlike my novels). Also, there are ugly bridesmaid dresses. And of course, chocolate brains!

I'm very proud to share space in these pages with Jennifer Finney Boylan, Sarah Rees Brennan, Cecil Castellucci, Emma Donoghue, Courtney Gillette, A. M. Homes, Heidi R. Kling, Jennifer Knight, Michael Lowenthal, Liz Miles (who also edited the collection), Saundra Mitchell, Luisa Plaja, Matthue Roth, Sherry Shahan, Gary Soto, Shelley Stoehr, Sara Wilkinson, Ellen Wittlinger, and Jill Wolfson. Even if you don't read my story, read theirs!!

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