Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tasty assortment

Today I have one of those linky posts, collecting wisdom from around the blogosphere ... (If you have trouble seeing the links, just hover over each statement below, and the underlining will appear.)

Okay, well, this first one's actually still me, guest blogging at [info]tracy_d74  about the joys of traveling alone, and the importance of stepping outside one's comfort zone.

In case anyone needs an etiquette reminder--or a laugh--here's a link via [info]kimberleylittle about the strangest places editors have been pitched by aspiring authors.

Ever had a series canceled before the last book? Stacey Jay solves the problem by finishing her Megan Berry zombie series with an indie novella. But if the novella does well enough, Megan Berry's adventures just may continue.

Laurel Garver posts about finding a use for all those character sketches, deleted scenes, and extinct subplots that are the inevitable byproduct of revision.

And Elissa Cruz reveals The Secret to Successful Revision!


  1. I saw the Erin Murphy post and loved it. Thanks for these recommendations!

  2. Thanks for the link, Jenn! Glad to see you are keeping up a presence on the Blogger platform now, too.

  3. Cynthia: Glad you enjoyed the links!

    Laurel: Loved your post and was happy to share it!

  4. Thanks for these links, Jennifer!! Especially love the one on re-imagining the "leftovers" from stories!