Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Book news

Dear The Secret Year:

I have great news for you. I mean, I hope that you will think it's great news.

You will be getting some company on the bookshelves! This May, a YA anthology called Truth & Dare will come out in the UK and the US with one of my stories in it. It's especially exciting because the book also includes stories by many other authors I like and admire, including Ellen Wittlinger, Sarah Rees Brennan, Saundra Mitchell, Heidi R. Kling ...

And then, early next year, Viking will publish another of my novels. It's another contemporary, realistic YA, currently titled Try Not to Breathe.

Now, don't get that worried look. You are my first published book, and you will always be special to me. I loved you in hardcover and I love you in paperback, and I will love you when your electronic version appears. But you must know, I was always planning to have other books, too. It doesn't mean I love you any less. That's the great thing about an author's love: it doesn't lessen, but grows to encompass every new book. And you can be a good big sibling--take the new books around, show them the ropes. They will look up to you. You won't even have to change any diapers!

Thanks for understanding.


Your author


  1. Great news! I love how you wrote a letter to your first 'child'.

  2. Awww, cutesy! Try Not to Breathe is an excellent title!

  3. Thank you, Alexia and Becca! (The title's inspired by REM.)