Monday, January 10, 2011

Here, there, and everywhere

In keeping with the idea I raised recently, when I said I wanted to guest post on more blogs and have more guest posters (a "bloggers' exchange program"), today I'm virtually visiting the blog "A Great Book is the Cheapest Vacation." The host, Natasha, suggested bullying as a topic, and I discussed it in the context of a creative-writing class I took while still in high school.

A sample: "... I’d never really understood that [bullying] was happening in other places. And that it was something you could talk about. And write about. It was an electrifying moment ..."

And in the spirit of bloggers' exchange, I will have some guest posts coming soon on this blog.

In other business, I want to congratulate all the winners and honorees of the ALA Youth Media awards, which include the Caldecott, the Newbery, the Printz ... and the Morris Award for debut authors. For the second year running, the Morris was given to a book I read as an ARC (Hint, hint, debut authors! ;-D Lend me your ARCs for good luck!): Freak Observer, by fellow Tenner Blythe Woolston! And I'm proud that two of the Morris shortlisters were also Tenners, Karen Healey (Guardian of the Dead) and Barbara Stuber (Crossing the Tracks). Rounding out the nominees' list were Eishes Chayil (Hush) and Lish McBride (Hold Me Closer, Necromancer). Well done, all! And as usual the Printz list, led by winner Paolo Bacigalupi for Ship Breaker, will add to my TBR pile.


  1. Was the 5-week program you mention in that post the PA Governor's School for the Arts?

  2. No, it was a New England program called the Center for Creative Youth (CCY):

    But if there are other programs like it, I'm glad!