Friday, January 14, 2011

Help and Hope

I almost titled this piece, "Helpless and Hopeless," but then I thought:

1) Yeesh, what a turn-off.
2) People might rush over to my house to perform an intervention.
3) Sounds like the headline of the worst personal ad ever!

I wouldn't say I'm helpless and hopeless today, although I've had a fair amount of bad news to digest recently (not involving writing--except in the sense that one piece of the bad news involves a fellow writer who is also a friend, and I'll say more about the wonderful L.K. Madigan when I can be more articulate). What I want to talk about in this post is what you do when you're feeling helpless and hopeless--in any area of your life?

Writers reach this point in a professional sense quite often. Writing has a long apprenticeship and a high rejection rate, and it's easy to feel that we're getting nowhere with it. And then there is the rest of life, with its myriad disappointments and nasty tricks, its accidents and illnesses and upheavals.

Yet Pandora's box of evils had the shining jewel of hope lying at the bottom. Somehow we face the day before us, and the next day. Somehow we find the silver lining or the half-full glass or the blessing among the curses.

For me, having a network of understanding friends and family is key. Also, writing itself helps me identify my feelings, work through them, release them. Walks help, too. And, although I don't discuss it directly or overtly on this blog, my spiritual life is also a source of strength.

What (or whom) do you lean on, when you need to lean?


  1. Thank you. I so agree on finding the silver lining and the glass half full!!

  2. Thanks, Deb, and I hope you have plenty of support in helping to do that when you need to! :)

  3. Sorry things aren't going well. It's tough to have moments like this, especially when struggling to achieve writing goals, too.

    I guess when I hit on a whole bunch of bad news at once, I just try to breathe and concentrate on anything good that's happening, too (even if it's just a tiny little thing). It's a cycle and good news will find it's way to you soon!

  4. I can identify. My writing has trickled to a halt with the holidays and recently I have been told about some medical concerns that I now have to pay attention to. I find my strength in knitting, crochet, my rescue pups, husband, blogs and reading. I try to focus on the small things that make me happy and try to help someone else. It makes my problem fade out for awhile.

    Speaking of the helping part, I would love to review your book on my blogs. Do you know if your publisher does review copies? I would love to spread the word for you.

    Dana @

  5. Dana:

    I wish you healing, and I'm glad you have so many sources of strength.

    As for book matters, you can email me at jennifer[at]jenniferhubbard[dot]com to discuss.