Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guest post: Seeking advice

I spoke recently of a "bloggers' exchange," through which I hope to write and host more guest posts through the year. I have a few people signed up already. Today's guest is Natasha, of the blog "A Great Book is the Cheapest Vacation," who has some questions about getting started as a writer. Feel free to leave your best advice in the comments!

More of a Story-Teller Than Writer
by Natasha Jennex

Since I was young I wrote horror stories for school projects, loving the creativity in making a scary story and feeling as if I'm living the experience while writing it. I can get very creative when it comes to horror. I've always had a soft spot for scary movies and novels, so I tend to write best in that direction. But as a writer, I don’t have much experience. I lack proper grammar and structure when writing, and tend to ramble on when I get excited. Though, as stories go, I can think of very imaginative and spooky themes. I love sitting at my laptop and starting a spooky tale, all the better when writing at night.

I don't only read and write horror. I like read every genre; for instance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, chick-lit, fantasy, fiction and of course horror. Lately I write toward the urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres. I don't actually finish anything, and I wonder if it's because I feel that I should stick to my roots? Or that I'm not as comfortable writing in those genres as oppose to horror, but either way, I find myself stumped unless I'm writing a horror scene. I don't just mean blood-and-guts horror, I mean pull-the-blankets-over-your-head, squeeze-your-eyes-shut horror, or the horror that makes the hairs at the back of your neck stand on end. I love a good fright.

Now, back to my first thought.. (I told you I ramble when in thought.) I love telling stories, but I need to learn the skill of writing structure. I also tend to write blindly, as opposed to having characters and plots formed already. I may have a character or scene in my head, but I tend to write and let it blossom as I go along.

I know everyone has different techniques for writing, and everyone has their own style, but as an aspiring writer, I am in need of schooling. Can anyone give me any tips? Maybe on what steps to take?

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