Monday, January 17, 2011

Comic relief

I've been posting lately about tough times, and the various strategies we use to get through them. One of those strategies is humor. Certainly there are times when we're beyond laughter, but there are times when laughter saves our sanity.

For example, in the middle of a bunch of personal challenges, I somehow found myself becoming part of an imaginary band with Mike Jung and Sarah Stevenson. As Mike describes it, the band known as Antfighter! "originated in a very off-hand Twitter conversation about ... ants ..." Aside from providing me with some much-needed laughs, Antfighter! has taken almost zero time and energy, due to its imaginary nature. Yet it's inspired Mike to give away an actual prize, for a good ant-fighting song/album title (entries to date include "God Spray the Queen" and "Borax for Thorax"). So you might want to hop over to Mike's blog and test your song-naming skills, and admire the logo Sarah designed.

I also just finished reading Two Parties, One Tux, and a Very Short Film About THE GRAPES OF WRATH, by Steven Goldman. This YA book features a narrator who is completely clueless about who really likes him and who doesn't (but in a believable, not a roll-your-eyes, kind of way), a deadpan best friend (I love deadpan), various girls who puzzle the narrator, a couple of strange teachers, and a Claymation film that sparks an investigation and an appearance before the school Judicial Board. Oh, and the prom chapter is called, "Prom and Punishment." The book addresses a couple of serious issues, but mostly I found it a fun read.

Even in the darkest, most serious material that I write about, I try to include at least a vein of humor. Because life is so often like that.

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