Friday, December 17, 2010

Ten signs you may be revising a book

1. You accidentally call a friend by your main character's name.
2. There are candy wrappers on the floor of your writing office.
3. You ask people questions like, "Which sounds better, 'violet mist' or 'misty violet?'"
4. No matter how people answer the questions in #3, you write things whichever way you were going to write them anyway.
5. You realize how many times you use the word "just." The "find and replace" feature becomes your best friend.
6. You're convinced this is the most wonderful thing you've ever written.
7. You're convinced this is the most terrible thing you've ever written.
8. You're not sure when you last combed your hair, although you're pretty sure it was this week.
9. Checking off an item on your editorial checklist makes you dance.
10. You act out part of a scene to double-check that it really makes sense. You hope none of the neighbors can see you through the window, gesturing elaborately to no one.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may be revising a book. Seek help immediately in the form of music, chocolate, comfortable sweatpants, and sympathetic family and friends.


  1. Many of these are happening to me right now, especially #2!

  2. I'm currently wavering between #6 & 7 right now!

  3. Becca: Actually, #2 is true for me most of the time, but especially now. ;-)

    Lisa: The weirdest part is when #6 and 7 occur simultaneously!

  4. Oh my for this!