Monday, December 27, 2010

A question of names

First up, I must post the December 28 question for the Book Club's 31 Days of Giveaway. If you know the answer to this holiday trivia question, post the answer on Crissi's blog to win the day's prize (a signed hard-cover of The Secret Year). You must post the answer on Crissi's blog and not here because not only is she drawing the winning name, but the security of this quesion is such that I don't even know the answer myself!

The question is:

In the 1968 animated film The Little Drummer Boy, what is the Drummer Boy's name?

Which naturally suggests character names as my blog topic for the day. But I could rant forever about how I search, and change my mind a dozen times, and finally pick a character's name, only to find that a bestselling writer has written a book similar to mine and used the same main character's name, so I change the name, only to get a new boss who has the character's new name, so I change it again, only to have a serial killer make headlines with that name, so I change it again ...

Not that I am bitter. After a few hours with the baby-name book, all is right with the world again. For example, did you know that the name "Riju" means "innocent?" And that Maja was the second most popular name for Swedish girls in 2005? You're welcome!

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