Monday, December 6, 2010


Yesterday I blogged about music. And today I’m thinking about how many of the people I know have some creative outlet, and most writers I know have at least one in addition to writing. On the blogs I read, I find people doing collage, quilting, painting, photography, sewing, etc., etc.

Alyce Wilson even opened up a space on her blog for a “holiday bazaar” where blog readers can put up links to their creative wares, and browse one another’s work.

And speaking of arts, in the fan-art/ekphrastic category, there is this stunning example where L.T. of the Quest:Published blog created, in 3-D miniature, the garden from the Cindy Pon's book SILVER PHOENIX. Any artist would be excited as Cindy was to inspire that kind of creativity in someone else.

In fact, Cindy herself is an example of a writer with another artistic talent: in her case, Chinese brush art.

These other forms of creativity can be a break from writing, or they can nurture it by bringing an additional part of our imagination to the writing desk. What artistic outlets do you have?

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