Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fresh snow

I want to point out one of the Heifer Intl. challenges that's still going on, because it goes through New Year's Day, and the host is giving $10 per comment. I think some of you saw my Twitter post or the link from Nathan Bransford's blog, but if you haven't stopped by Anemone's Assays yet, please do!

In holiday news, it was delightful to return from my Christmas trip and find so many blog posts with pretty pictures and lovely wishes. It was also delightful to beat the snowstorm home, and to watch the white stuff pile up at my leisure, while the Christmas tree glows and my cat naps. Really, Norman Rockwell needs to just paint me right now!

In the writerly realm, I've been reading a lot. I'm thinking about form in YA novels: chapter length, scene length. Letters, emails, diary entries. Newer forms like verse novels and graphic novels. (And who knows what digital novels will morph into?) There's a certain form I've been dying to play with, but it has to wait until I get through my current project.

This is part of what keeps art fresh, I think: trying new things. I may hate this new form, or I may fail at it. But "failure" in the arts is really a relative term. So often, it means "not yet" or "not this one" rather than "not ever."

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