Monday, November 22, 2010

Networking for introverts, and other topics

R.L. LaFevers, of the Shrinking Violets Promotion site, asked some fellow introverted authors who are active online to share tips about social networking. In the arena of finding friends and followers, the two most basic guidelines are: commenting on other people's sites (not just to get followers of your own, but out of genuine interest in the topic at hand), and responding to comments on your own site. But I knew other authors would probably cover that ground, and in fact Nathan Bransford happened to blog about this topic in depth today.

So I thought I would talk more about my general philosophy of social networking (which borrows heavily from the philosophy of Brent Hartinger), and also talk about issues specific to introverts: privacy and boundaries, for example. My guest post is currently up on the Shrinking Violets site. Also watch that site for more to come about how introverts can become active online!

More good links I've found lately, on various topics:

Swati Avasthi, author of SPLIT, guest blogged at The Story Siren on writing about race--and not writing about race. A sample: "When I write about characters who are white, I am writing about race. I’m just not assuming that white is normal."

If you've ever wanted a specific, concrete example of how to make cuts during revision, Bethany Hegedus provides just that, along with the reasons why she deleted certain passages.

RIF (Reading is Fundamental) could be collateral damage in the Congressional budget/earmark battle. According to RIF's blog, "Although RIF is an authorized program and is not an earmark, [the current version of the earmark] moratorium would cover all national projects, authorized or unauthorized, and would include Reading Is Fundamental." Follow the RIF link for more information.

Finally, AnnaStan did a post on creative optimism, illustrated with a great cartoon.

Happy reading!

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